Middlesex D&H 1051 Washington
Middlesex D&H 1051 Washington

Middlesex D&H 1051 Washington

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 Obv: Bust of George Washington, WASHINGTON PRESIDENT . (around). Rev: A ship sailing right, HALFPENNY above, 1793 below. Edge: PAYABLE IN ANGLESEY LONDON OR LIVERPOOL. 

Fine/Very Fine. Weakly struck on a thinner flan. Reverse has some bulging areas of flan and brockage evident near Y of HALFPENNY. Part of the U.S. Colonial series of coins.  

One of the highly sought Washington halfpennies made in an attempt to secure a contract with America to mint coinage. Although Washington led the Revolution against Great Britain, the British public and high society held him in very high regard and he was lauded for his qualities both as a person and military leader.